Detail of Honolulu Street Art on wall around construction. Photo by LessZoa, 26aug2012
Sunset views from Tripler AMC. Photo by LessZoa
Kaena Point. Photo by LessZoa, 20dec2013
Twisted Pali Tree Roots. Photo by LessZoa, 05mar2014
Looking over the water at La'ie Point, Oahu, Hawaii. Photo by LessZoa, 05mar2014

Howzit! I'm Lessie!

"Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider." ~ Harold Bloom


I normally don't take on contract projects, but when I do, I make sure every requirement is met - and then some.


As a passionate gamer, I explore the worlds produced by many studios as well as my own. Click below to adventure into a bit of geeky-fantasy with Kirthag.

Expression is a projection of the Soul.
The web is my form of expression.

What people have to say about me!

Lessie was task with the Creation and Development of the Company's to be Ecommerce site. With a small budget she was able to bring up the site, integrate it in to our aging database. Upon it opening and within the year it had added 5% more to our bottom line. With the functionality of the site being fine tuned, it was decided that the site would also be an authoritative information site for our products. With content and media she made it the go to site for our business sector in Hawaii. If you need more comment or would like to contact me: Please email me through LinkedIn..... Gary Tang
Lessie is a professional who takes her job seriously. Creative, innovative, loyal and focused is how I would describe her.
Lessie was very diligent and meticulous in her marketing efforts with regard to my consulting/training I did for Safety Systems of Hawaii. Her efforts added to the success of the projects we were involved in together. Creative solutions, thorough execution, and a strong work ethic will make Lessie a valuable and integral part of any organization.
Lessie has been a pleasure to work with as she has created both the design as well as a great deal of the verbiage for my 4 websites. Her creativity and soundness of advice about how and what to include on a website have been both educational as well as practical. She listens to my needs and works very well to satisfy what it is that I want to portray on my websites. In summary, Lessie provides an overall excellent service for a very reasonable investment.